Work, work and once again work!

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Pärnu ;) 001It’s 04.19, I made it home like 20 minutes ago and my workday had to end at 00.00 – nice eh??

It’s almost that I can’t even live my life because I spend the majority of my time at work. For example December has 31 days, that makes 744 hours and I spent 220 hours at work, taking 8 hours of sleep per day in consideration leaves me with 276 hours of free time and that’s less than half of the month and generally you spend about 160 hours (+\- 8hours) per month at work so I spent approximately 60 hours more at work than people typically do.

I really need some time to relax with the problems at work and some personal issues that I just can’t seem to be able to work out, so I’m quite glad that we’re going to the New Years Eve party tomorrow – I hope it’ll give me an opportunity to let out some steam, but I do have to admit that I’m not in a very “festive” mood. I don’t really feel like partying and I don’t even know why.

Nevertheless I hope you all enjoy your New Years Eve!


X O X O,
Cookie Monster ;)

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