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Happy Cookie Wikipedia's definition for happiness is that it is a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy.

During the last month I have realized that now I truly am happy! I’m happy cause I don’t have to think about going to work to face a boss who’ll let all his anger and disappointment out on you; not to think about a crush who kept saying that you’re the one who makes them happy, but in the end they left without a proper goodbye, leaving you obsessed; to just STOP! and think about who you really are and what you expect out of this thing called life.

I’m not saying that I regret the last year but I am saying that I was utterly miserable back then. Sure I had awesome colleges and kickass friends, we spent splendid times together. But not even they could have given me what I

needed – silence in my head, a day to figure out ME!

I have done my share of weeping and I shall do it no more for I have made a choice of moving on and breaking the chains of history.

I’m happy! I’m happy for you still having your jobs, for some of you even having children, for you still being you. I’m happy for you! I’m happy even though you hurt me so much!


X O X O,
Cookie Monster ;)