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Enjoy my precious ;)

This song pretty much describes me at the moment PERFECTLY!! In addition it’s a wonderful song from a singer with an amazing voice.

My life is kind of hectic right now cause Kadri is leaving work and we don’t have anyone to fill in for her so I guess it means more work for us for a while again but it’s gorgeous outside and we don’t want to spend all our days inside. And we have this pool night event coming on the May 22th. It has to be a success other ways me and Rebecca are pretty much screwed :S So this is causing stress – at least for me and I hate it. I think I need one of those “cool weekends”.


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Malibu So it’s been faaaar to long to write down everything that happened in details so I’m going to tell you the long story short :D

Lets see – there was a club marathon; my hair was blue, purple and grey – all at the same day; met some very cool new people (Lauri ;);););)); Eleri moved out; a TON of parties at our place; me and Kadri went dancing, only once but it was fun as hell :D ; went running in the middle of the night with a guy I met like 5 years ago; we had a party at our place and the cops MINU!showed up due to the “loudness” of our music – but we had music playing from a phone so that’s weird; I babysat Lisandra and it was fun cause she’s sooooo adorable; Sten and Lisandra didn’t get a long for a little period of time cause Sten was jealous of me; I even made it to clubs for a couple of times; Merko was in the hospital with his appendix so I worked 23 days in a row – still alive ;D; we had thieves in our apartment – rannavolber0120Siret´s phone and Liisi’s laptop were stolen and even our cat!! (how sick is that???); our boss called us retards (cute eh - NOT!!!); had a little roadtrip to Taevaskoda where we Florida ja Malibu2had out own little rave for 4; I got a little sister Svea-Erika (she’s sooo tiny compare to Sten-Erik); then there was this student party in club Atlantis where me and Rebecca totally killed it ;) yeah baby;  and then of course the highlight of this period – REBECCAS BIRTHDAY!!!!! The best party of the decade ;) we gave her a parachute jump as a present :D; just a couple of days ago we (me and Rebecca) went to a housewarming party where i met some people who i already knew but couldn’t recognize;  2 days ago we had a little grill party at Arvos place – it was cool to see him after this long time; YESTERDAY we (me, Rebecca, Kaire and Siret) went to the movies to see Elm Street’s nightmare and I must say that I thought it’ll be scarier – it had faaaar too many jokes in it (how’s this for a wet dream :D:D:D:D).

So this was the conclusion of the almost 3 months that i didn’t renew my blog. I’ll try to pick myself up and start writing more often again ;)


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Krr mjäu ;)

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Kats ära mõtle vasakule jälle rsk :D NUMPAR IDIKAS!!!!