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Isn’t it ironic – how you think you know someone and it turns out you don’t? Even when you’ve known the person for your whole life, lived together, shared everything you have with them and then one day BOOM – they throw stones at you, tell you a lie after a lie and finally stab you in the back without blinking an eye!

Making it even more ironic is the fact that it’s happened for the third time this year! Proves the well known fact that you can’t trust anyone so choose carefully who you let into your homes, heads and hearts cause there could be a wolf hiding behind that smile and all those gestures that make them seem trustworthy. And when they seem trustworthy you feel as you can trust them – meaning you can’t trust yourself? :O It’s just oh so confusing.

But these days it’s not all bad. The betrayals made me grew stronger and more heartless than I ever imagined myself to be. And yes, I’ve been pointed out by some very special persons, that this is not me anymore – I know it, but this is evolution – survival of the fittest and if the world doesn’t adapt with you then you have to adapt with the world. That’s how it goes!

And I’ve found and object to crave for, that absolutely fascinates and strangely excites me. It is strange to admit this, but I’ve not found a word to describe it as it is, but it’s right!


X O X O,
Cookie Monster ;)