YOU - my precious!

Posted by Cookie Monster | | Posted on 13:48


Have you ever felt that you have nothing – then you gain EVERYTHING? Or that you have it all, but suddenly it’s violently, robustly taken from you? But the truth is that you had it all for your whole life – you even had it when you thought you didn’t!

I may not have know you since kindergarten, I may not have known you from high school or maybe I haven’t even known you for 5 years, perhaps I’ve known you just for a year or less..

We may have our disagreements and fights, we may had a splendid time that was cut short by someone else, we may have grown apart, we may not keep in touch anymore and we may not even remember why that is so..

But if I’ve ever called you my friend – then you must know that you always have a place in my heart, cause YOU – my precious friends, make this world a better, happier and nicer place for me.


X O X O,
Cookie Monster ;)