NEEEED to get the fu*k outta here!!!

Posted by Cookie Monster | | Posted on 21:40


MOR_0174So I’m sitting here, typing – at 6.05AM Just can’t get any sleep and I’ve found myself some stuff to do: cleaning the closet, sorting make up, reading, even watched a movie but still no sleep. It’s probably because I’ve felt trapped, suffocated and out of my mind for the whole day. I seriously just need to get away again.

Call me weak if you want but I just can’t handle it – it’s like a circus and I am not planning to be the clown!

It’d be a hell of a lot easier if EVERYONE just made up their minds. You can’t have everything you want – it just doesn’t go that way. You can’t keep changing your mind – going from a drama queen to a vegetable.

Basically I just want get out of here as fast as I can – the destination doesn’t even matter. The further the better and sky isn’t the limit!

It’s weird that a lot of old acquaintances have began to show up and all at the same time. Like it’s safe to come out of the hiding or something like that, but it’s never safe – even breathing could kill nowadays! It’s even more bizarre that they contact me not the other way around. Maybe they’re in DESPERATE need of communication!? Who knows… Actually it’s kind of nice to see SOME of them (yeah I’m a softy – I know).

Also since I had to buy a new phone because the old one died on me I don’t have everyone numbers anymore, so hit me up ;) And if anyone knows where my pink nail polish is then please do let me know!

Oh! I’ve got a question: where should I go to ease my feeling of being trapped?? (leave your answers in the comments :))


X O X O,
Cookie Monster ;)