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Isn’t it ironic – how you think you know someone and it turns out you don’t? Even when you’ve known the person for your whole life, lived together, shared everything you have with them and then one day BOOM – they throw stones at you, tell you a lie after a lie and finally stab you in the back without blinking an eye!

Making it even more ironic is the fact that it’s happened for the third time this year! Proves the well known fact that you can’t trust anyone so choose carefully who you let into your homes, heads and hearts cause there could be a wolf hiding behind that smile and all those gestures that make them seem trustworthy. And when they seem trustworthy you feel as you can trust them – meaning you can’t trust yourself? :O It’s just oh so confusing.

But these days it’s not all bad. The betrayals made me grew stronger and more heartless than I ever imagined myself to be. And yes, I’ve been pointed out by some very special persons, that this is not me anymore – I know it, but this is evolution – survival of the fittest and if the world doesn’t adapt with you then you have to adapt with the world. That’s how it goes!

And I’ve found and object to crave for, that absolutely fascinates and strangely excites me. It is strange to admit this, but I’ve not found a word to describe it as it is, but it’s right!


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YOU - my precious!

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Have you ever felt that you have nothing – then you gain EVERYTHING? Or that you have it all, but suddenly it’s violently, robustly taken from you? But the truth is that you had it all for your whole life – you even had it when you thought you didn’t!

I may not have know you since kindergarten, I may not have known you from high school or maybe I haven’t even known you for 5 years, perhaps I’ve known you just for a year or less..

We may have our disagreements and fights, we may had a splendid time that was cut short by someone else, we may have grown apart, we may not keep in touch anymore and we may not even remember why that is so..

But if I’ve ever called you my friend – then you must know that you always have a place in my heart, cause YOU – my precious friends, make this world a better, happier and nicer place for me.


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Happy Cookie Wikipedia's definition for happiness is that it is a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy.

During the last month I have realized that now I truly am happy! I’m happy cause I don’t have to think about going to work to face a boss who’ll let all his anger and disappointment out on you; not to think about a crush who kept saying that you’re the one who makes them happy, but in the end they left without a proper goodbye, leaving you obsessed; to just STOP! and think about who you really are and what you expect out of this thing called life.

I’m not saying that I regret the last year but I am saying that I was utterly miserable back then. Sure I had awesome colleges and kickass friends, we spent splendid times together. But not even they could have given me what I

needed – silence in my head, a day to figure out ME!

I have done my share of weeping and I shall do it no more for I have made a choice of moving on and breaking the chains of history.

I’m happy! I’m happy for you still having your jobs, for some of you even having children, for you still being you. I’m happy for you! I’m happy even though you hurt me so much!


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Skeleton!! O_o

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Anyone knows the meaning of a phrase – skeleton in the closet?

Well I’ll tell you a secret – I have so many skeletons that my clothes wont fit in the closet anymore! Yeah – didn’t see that one coming, now did you?

A: Remember when I told you I liked you? – I lied!! I don’t like you, but I don’t hate you also. It’s just that you’re…well that’s the thing – you’re insignificant. The world wouldn’t miss much if you didn’t even exist. Quite contrary it’d be a bit smarter, funnier, happier and maybe even a better place without you. Less bullshit you know!

A: Remember when you called me about a month ago and asked me to come meet you and I said no, that I’m going to bed and shit like that? I LIED! It just would have hurt my eyes too much to see you. And yes I might be blonde NOW, but I’m not so stupid to hurt myself on purpose!

A: All in all you should just make up your mind – you can’t keep calling me when you’re wasted and not around your literally BIG “girl”! Just make up your fucking mind okay!!!!!

PS! You really need a haircut!

B: Remember the first message that you sent me and I didn’t reply? I didn’t reply because I was laughing so hard that I almost peed my pants. I thought you’re a grownup but you proved me wrong – you’re a fucking teenager who can’t control his hormones and who’s testicles are on the verge of bursting of all the testosterone partying in them!

B: Remember when you asked me if I wanted to go back to your place and I said no because I didn’t know you for a very long time? Guess what – I lied! I didn’t want to go back to your place cause I can’t even imagine having ANYTHING with a dude who dated ms.BUG-EYE!!!

B: You need to cut the crap and be a man – stop whining like a bitch who hasn’t gotten any in a long time! Grow some balls!

And C! You’re the worst of them all! We have a fling and I bail. And when I come back you have a thing for me – what the hell?? We’ve known each other for 8 years and NOW you have a thing for me?? Now when you’re actually gone all the time you want ME to be here for you? Are you serious or just shitting me? What do you want from me uh?? WHAT?? You can’t just come and play some tunes on your guitar and expect me to just WAIT until you come and say: “Honey, I’m home! What’s for dinner?”

And to all of you who think that I’m just a crybaby and that there’s nothing wrong with my life then FUCK YOU!


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NEEEED to get the fu*k outta here!!!

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MOR_0174So I’m sitting here, typing – at 6.05AM Just can’t get any sleep and I’ve found myself some stuff to do: cleaning the closet, sorting make up, reading, even watched a movie but still no sleep. It’s probably because I’ve felt trapped, suffocated and out of my mind for the whole day. I seriously just need to get away again.

Call me weak if you want but I just can’t handle it – it’s like a circus and I am not planning to be the clown!

It’d be a hell of a lot easier if EVERYONE just made up their minds. You can’t have everything you want – it just doesn’t go that way. You can’t keep changing your mind – going from a drama queen to a vegetable.

Basically I just want get out of here as fast as I can – the destination doesn’t even matter. The further the better and sky isn’t the limit!

It’s weird that a lot of old acquaintances have began to show up and all at the same time. Like it’s safe to come out of the hiding or something like that, but it’s never safe – even breathing could kill nowadays! It’s even more bizarre that they contact me not the other way around. Maybe they’re in DESPERATE need of communication!? Who knows… Actually it’s kind of nice to see SOME of them (yeah I’m a softy – I know).

Also since I had to buy a new phone because the old one died on me I don’t have everyone numbers anymore, so hit me up ;) And if anyone knows where my pink nail polish is then please do let me know!

Oh! I’ve got a question: where should I go to ease my feeling of being trapped?? (leave your answers in the comments :))


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Live for the moment!

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Live your life to the fullest - one day at a time, take chances, don't look back, no regrets and take time to enjoy every precious moment of it. LOVE IT! and you'll be happy even if someone has totally fucked up your day. Let people into your heart and you'll be loved! Love those close to you! And most important - don't forget to love YOURSELF!!

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Enjoy my precious ;)

This song pretty much describes me at the moment PERFECTLY!! In addition it’s a wonderful song from a singer with an amazing voice.

My life is kind of hectic right now cause Kadri is leaving work and we don’t have anyone to fill in for her so I guess it means more work for us for a while again but it’s gorgeous outside and we don’t want to spend all our days inside. And we have this pool night event coming on the May 22th. It has to be a success other ways me and Rebecca are pretty much screwed :S So this is causing stress – at least for me and I hate it. I think I need one of those “cool weekends”.


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Malibu So it’s been faaaar to long to write down everything that happened in details so I’m going to tell you the long story short :D

Lets see – there was a club marathon; my hair was blue, purple and grey – all at the same day; met some very cool new people (Lauri ;);););)); Eleri moved out; a TON of parties at our place; me and Kadri went dancing, only once but it was fun as hell :D ; went running in the middle of the night with a guy I met like 5 years ago; we had a party at our place and the cops MINU!showed up due to the “loudness” of our music – but we had music playing from a phone so that’s weird; I babysat Lisandra and it was fun cause she’s sooooo adorable; Sten and Lisandra didn’t get a long for a little period of time cause Sten was jealous of me; I even made it to clubs for a couple of times; Merko was in the hospital with his appendix so I worked 23 days in a row – still alive ;D; we had thieves in our apartment – rannavolber0120Siret´s phone and Liisi’s laptop were stolen and even our cat!! (how sick is that???); our boss called us retards (cute eh - NOT!!!); had a little roadtrip to Taevaskoda where we Florida ja Malibu2had out own little rave for 4; I got a little sister Svea-Erika (she’s sooo tiny compare to Sten-Erik); then there was this student party in club Atlantis where me and Rebecca totally killed it ;) yeah baby;  and then of course the highlight of this period – REBECCAS BIRTHDAY!!!!! The best party of the decade ;) we gave her a parachute jump as a present :D; just a couple of days ago we (me and Rebecca) went to a housewarming party where i met some people who i already knew but couldn’t recognize;  2 days ago we had a little grill party at Arvos place – it was cool to see him after this long time; YESTERDAY we (me, Rebecca, Kaire and Siret) went to the movies to see Elm Street’s nightmare and I must say that I thought it’ll be scarier – it had faaaar too many jokes in it (how’s this for a wet dream :D:D:D:D).

So this was the conclusion of the almost 3 months that i didn’t renew my blog. I’ll try to pick myself up and start writing more often again ;)


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Krr mjäu ;)

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Kats ära mõtle vasakule jälle rsk :D NUMPAR IDIKAS!!!!

I feel the summer! ;)

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  • 14.02.2010
    We spent the whole day digging and building a “snow city” and of course I had to be the one to make the caves bigger from the inside. Fortunately I didn’t mind – it was fun.
  • 15.02.2010
    My grandparents, my brothers and nephews rock ;) It’s an adventure going to the store with them :D:D
  • 16.02.2010
    Work again, but after work me and Kadri went for a sledge ride – at 1am :D:D It was extremely fun. Even the drunken idiots who were there before us and who harassed us didn’t ruin it for us ;)
  • 18.02.2010
    05112009_boring!!! There was this schooling that me and Merko had to attend and it was MAJOR boring!! I pretty much spent the whole five hours that it lasted minding my own business and there was an “exam” at the end. The lady who organized it was very surprised when I gave her my results and she was like O_o maximum points, very good – you should have seen her face, she was utterly surprised :D:D
  • Gummy-bear-kiss-candy-535414_1280_102420.02.2010
    Back to Otepää! It was Lisandra’s birthday and we gave her a Bambi book, she loved it. There was a little incident between Lisandra and Sten – seemed like Sten was jealous when I spent time with Lisandra and he hit her after what he had a serious chat with his parents and afterwards he said that he’s sorry to Lisandra. I told you – everybody likes me :D:D:D ;)
X O X O,
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No need to freak out!

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Freak outIt has come to my hearing that some people were utterly worried after my previous post, but there’s no need – Cookie Monster’s still in one piece and alive (a bit ill-treated but still breathing and functioning as well as possible).

I know I didn’t post anything for a longer period of time so let me fill you in and then you’ll get to know the whole story.

What did I last wrote about – hmm… I think it had something to do with partying (because that’s pretty much all that we do around here) and it was posted in the end of January so I’ll start from the first of February.

  • 1.02.2010
    In the morning I had to work and afterwards I played pool. At home I got a phone call and soon some people came over – as usually it involved cards, vodka and a shitload of repentant words thrown to everyone's faces followed by excuses through flowers.
  • 3.02.2010
    I had the morning off so we did a little “sightseeing” with Eleri and it involved busses. Sounds like a normal day right? WRONG! We were almost at home when I started to feel a bit lighTUNNEL_VISION_by_monwhitheaded, then my hearing started to fade and finally I had “tunnel vision”. I sat on the first chair available and it got a bit better, but when it was our time to get off I lost it all and somehow I managed to make it to the bus stops chair where I sat about 10 minutes just because I wasn’t able to walk. Recovered a little we started to make our way towards our apartment but halfway there it all started again so I had to stop to catch a breath. At home I made some calls just to find out that no one was willing to take my shift for the night so I went to work – where obviously I felt like dying. I knew that Siret had invited some people over so I managed to convince Rebecca to tag along and we hitchhiked to my place to find a discussion about the worlds end and God ahead – we called it epic fail. We spent most of our time smoking water pipe in the kitchen. It wasn’t bad at all until one lousy phone call that ruined it all.
  • 4.02.2010
    At work Kadri wasn’t feeling good at all and I had recovered from my out of the blue fainting so I had to do most of the work, but luckily it was an easy-breezy evening.
  • yourmsn_5450 5.02.2010
    Highlight of the week – the day I got a severe concussion. It started out good – a day off. I had plans to go to Otepää, but since girls wanted to go clubbing I thought why the hell not and I joined them. It was very weird in the club because most of the people were clients from work and everyone was like: Hey Cookie! A VERY weird experience. On the dance floor dudes just wanted to show their moves and at one point one of them just let go of me and I fell hard on the ground. I felt a bit off and went to sit down but I didn’t let it ruin my evening – the party was still on!
  • Spinning 6.02.2010
    I spent the whole day in bed because when I got up the world didn’t stop spinning :S I had to go to Vallo’s birthday party in club Maasikas, but I didn’t since I honestly couldn’t even walk for more then ten meters at once so I think it’s good that I didn’t go – I might have ruined the whole party with my faint-like being.
  • 7.02.2010
    Vallo’s birthday after party at our work. I left rather early due to a severe headache.
  • Breakfast_by_karolinaa 8.02.2010
    I went to breakfast with Serx and Charlie. We had some great ideas for a road trip but it was cancelled because we didn’t have a car that would start due to the cold weather so in the evening it was party time at work again.
  • 10.02.2010
    I took my phone to the service because it hadn’t been working since New Year’s Eve where it fell into a vodka cocktail and was thrown water at it.
  • Headache_by_paradisiac 11.02.2010
    I got my phone back and it works (even number 8)! I finally went to the doctors because of my headaches since I fell in the club, he sent me to EMO (emergency medicine department) where I was told that I have a severe concussion and that I’m lucky that anything didn’t explode in my brain. I was also advised to take the time off because the concussion will let me know that it’s still there for at least a month if not even more. Now I’m popping pills like a junky because if I wouldn’t take them then I’d probably bite someone from the pain.

This is it – this is what I’ve been up to for the past week and a half. Today I had a day off so I’m in Otepää and it’s lovely here – the snow is actually white not brown or yellow like in Tartu!


Take care,

X O X O,
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Emergency ;)

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Fuck mina olengi EMO püsiklient!!

Et saada EMO püsikliendiks tuleb teha nagu mina: lampi ära minestada ja siis veel mingis fucking klubis pea vastu betooni ära lüüa – it really works you know ;) TRY IT!

Party every day ;)

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Hats are IN! ;) We’ve been hitting it good since Monday - going to bed at 7, waking around 10 and going to work. Pretty much a routine now, and not a bad one if I may say ;) It gets my thoughts away from the questions venturing in my mind. Feels like I have the “information overload” disease and I have no idea about the cure…

There has been a lot of different people at our place – some nicer than the others some a lot naughtier then the rest but the parties have generally been nice. Except for the part where someone broke some things, but everything is replaceable so we’ll recover as always and keep up the good work :D

In addition to partying every day I also work every evening. There aren’t very many clients, cause it’s the end of the month and everyone has wasted their money on alcohol :D



Now I have to run to work again, wish me luck ;)

(And yes you’re right – this song’s for you)


X O X O,
Cookie Monster ;)

What do you want from me?

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Me and Merko finished work around 4.30 yesterday, I got home around 5 and guess what happened at 9.30 – first incoming call, another one after just 10 minutes and so on and so on. Sometimes I think that people can sense when I´m working long hours and that I'm still sleeping so they call me just to wake me up and bug me with ridiculous things.

In addition to the early calls somehow I get calls also when I prefer to be unavailable to those further than 25m from me. Like perfect timing you know :D I really should start switching my phone off, or put it on silent.

Anyway…I’m hungry :D


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sonyericsson-w995-red Would somebody PLEASE buy me a new phone?? (A) Pretty please…with a cherry on top ;) Like the one on the left?? ;)

Nah…actually I’ll live, cause I don’t really need it anymore – unless someone would start calling me everyday :P

It’s horridly cold in Estonia and I can’t wait to get away! Any offers?? :D

Oh and by the way I almost forgot, there’s this great giveaway @MadeInCanarias. It’s open worldwide and you DO NOT want to miss this ;) You can choose from hundreds of charms. They have charms for every occasion and they are absolutely fabulous!


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What shall we do with the drunken sailor?

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New Years Eve

Yesterday was the farewell party for Mihkel – he’s going to the navy and the party was rather wicked ;)

We made the same picture that you see on the left as his gift – I wasn’t present when it was given to him but he did say that he liked it.

Our gift wasn’t the best one – his workmates gave him a stripper – nice eh?? :D

A lot of people were quite snowflakewasted and some even had to be woken up with water :D

We packed our stuff at work at 3.12am and it was a magically wonderful night for walking home – it was snowing, the flakes were adorably big and there was this little breeze that made them dance to the beats coming from my headphones. It was so peaceful. As I made it across the bridge to the playground I remembered the night when we went there with Keili and I just sat on the swing for some time.

Keili there weren’t any stars in the sky!


X O X O,
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Happy New Year!

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Fireworks How was everyone's New Years Eve? I sincerely hope that you all had a very pleasant time! Did you make some kind of promises for this year?

Remember the party that I had to go to? Well I anticipated too much of it! I only knew 8 persons and everyone were in groups with their acquaintances; the party got a very early start so it got a quick ending also; my phone fell into a vodka cocktail and like that wasn’t enough then Inno had to throw water on it also so now it doesn’t work all the time; the stereo was a piece of junk – if we turned the volume up it just switched to the next track in the middle of a song; the staircase was very steep and if I’m correct then 2 persons even fell down from it; on our way home some guy who was literally drunk as hell was sleeping in the middle of the road so we nearly drove over him, but ended up waiting for the police for half an hour and then the dudes neighbors drove by and picked him up.

As you can see then it wasn’t the best night of the year but at least we danced a lot and I don’t regret going cause it gave me a chance to get away and experience something in addition to the things I already have done.

X O X O,
Cookie Monster ;)