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Malibu So it’s been faaaar to long to write down everything that happened in details so I’m going to tell you the long story short :D

Lets see – there was a club marathon; my hair was blue, purple and grey – all at the same day; met some very cool new people (Lauri ;);););)); Eleri moved out; a TON of parties at our place; me and Kadri went dancing, only once but it was fun as hell :D ; went running in the middle of the night with a guy I met like 5 years ago; we had a party at our place and the cops MINU!showed up due to the “loudness” of our music – but we had music playing from a phone so that’s weird; I babysat Lisandra and it was fun cause she’s sooooo adorable; Sten and Lisandra didn’t get a long for a little period of time cause Sten was jealous of me; I even made it to clubs for a couple of times; Merko was in the hospital with his appendix so I worked 23 days in a row – still alive ;D; we had thieves in our apartment – rannavolber0120Siret´s phone and Liisi’s laptop were stolen and even our cat!! (how sick is that???); our boss called us retards (cute eh - NOT!!!); had a little roadtrip to Taevaskoda where we Florida ja Malibu2had out own little rave for 4; I got a little sister Svea-Erika (she’s sooo tiny compare to Sten-Erik); then there was this student party in club Atlantis where me and Rebecca totally killed it ;) yeah baby;  and then of course the highlight of this period – REBECCAS BIRTHDAY!!!!! The best party of the decade ;) we gave her a parachute jump as a present :D; just a couple of days ago we (me and Rebecca) went to a housewarming party where i met some people who i already knew but couldn’t recognize;  2 days ago we had a little grill party at Arvos place – it was cool to see him after this long time; YESTERDAY we (me, Rebecca, Kaire and Siret) went to the movies to see Elm Street’s nightmare and I must say that I thought it’ll be scarier – it had faaaar too many jokes in it (how’s this for a wet dream :D:D:D:D).

So this was the conclusion of the almost 3 months that i didn’t renew my blog. I’ll try to pick myself up and start writing more often again ;)


X O X O,
Cookie Monster ;)

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