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Cookie Monster in personJust nii – teie suurim hirm on tõeks saanud just enne jõule – I’M BAAAAACK!!!! Lisaks tingituna sellest, et  eestlased on nii targad inimesed, et valdav enamus oskab inglise keelt (ja välismaalased eesti keelt ju ei oska….) hakkabki mu blogi antud postitusest alates olema inglise keeles.

So let me tell you what I’ve been up to since my trip to Pärnu that I last wrote about:

  • The most important thing is that now I reside in Tartu – a city that I absolutely LOVE!!! I had to move because I got a job, I work in Tähe pool hall and it’s a little bit funny cause I used to play pool, täht means star in English and I have 6 star tattoos and stars are my utterly favorite shapes in the world, besides that it came out that I actually know the owner. I really like the job but it’s sometimes hard and quite exhausting.
  • KeiliDuring November I lived with Keili ( a really fantastic girl from the good old times) and we went to some parties, I got to know some of her new friends and acquaintances from college, it was rather fun, but the coolest thing ever happened on the night of the 30th November. We had just finished smoking  water pipe and we craved for chocolate and ice-cream so we made our way to the nearest gas station just to find out that they only serve from a teeny hatch but Keili :*we’re the kind of persons who have to touch everything so we made our  way to the center of the town – to McDonalds to be exact. We got some burgers and fries and started to make our way back home but then we realized that it was already 1st of December – Keili’s birthday. We stopped at a playground and started swinging, soon we put on some music and then we started to dance – you guys have no idea how cool it is to dance at night by a river at a playground! Like really it was one of the craziest and the funniest things at the same time.
  • In the beginning of December we went to the movies to see the Twilight Saga: New Moon and to be honest then I expected so much more that what I saw. I adored the first movie but the sequel was a bit disappointing.  I’m not saying it was bad, but it wasn’t the whole package – something was missing.
  • PÖFF (Pimedate ööde filmifestival – Movie festival of dark nights) was also occurring in the beginning of December and we went to see a movie named Ordinary People. It was about soldiers who were sent out and they had to kill people, they thought that they were given a direct order but no one told them to do anything – they were just ordinary people killing ordinary people like themselves without a straight order (very surreal if you ask me!).
  • 3 days ago we had a Christmas party at our work – now that’s a party you’d remember forever if you’d been there that is ;) Pool, strip poker and a shitload of laughing combined with dancing. Some people didn’t even go home for the night cause they had to work the next day. It was a really cool party – well the beginning was boring but the end was wild and crazy ;) After the party me and Eleri went home at 8am and we smoked water pipe and slept until the next morning. Now that’s what I call a PARTY!
  • PartyYesterday we celebrated Frederico’s birthday and we had like 8 persons over. It was loud and even the neighbors from upstairs came down to complain – but it was fun for us ;) Last guests left around 6am (this is a very normal time for our guests to leave, if they don’t decide to spend the night that is ;)). Well actually they didn’t really leave, they were more like kicked out cause one of them didn’t want to leave. I’m just TOOO ADORABLE ;)

As you can see a lot has happened and I probably didn’t even write about most of it, but if something important comes to my mind that I forgot to write in this post, then you can be sure that it will be in one of the following posts ;)


X O X O,
Cookie Monster ;)

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