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Eesti 021

Want to guess what I’ve been up to? Yep – you got it right – working! Working, working and partying – that’s pretty much how my life goes now. Working during daytime, partying at night and when I get some time then I sleep :D

I borrowed 3 books from Ave and I haven’t had the opportunity to read them because most of my time I truly am working and 4 days ago I received the book I won from Ave’s birthday giveaway but unfortunately I haven’t had the time to go home and pick it up but I am very delighted that I won it – I L.O.V.E. books.

We’ve had parties at our place basically every day so there’s always a lot of cleaning up to do, but since we’re all most of the time working we have to do it before going to work or after work, at it’s not a nice way to start or end a day, but at least the parties are always a success :D Well apart from the fact that I’ve been told that my ass and boobs are petite – nice eh?? I’ve constantly figured that I’m relatively proportional (not taking into consideration my big hips – that’s my mom’s slipup) but as it comes out then not for EVERYBODY!! Fuck – I’m not perfect..What a bummer..

Another thing that really bothers me is when people call from some bizarre numbers – what’s up with that?? Nowadays everybody has a cell phone and their own number so why can’t they use their phone for calling? Maybe they just have many numbers, but then again I ask why? Perhaps I should just stop answering calls from numbers that I do not have in my phonebook.

In 2 days it’s going to be New Years Eve – can’t wait for it! We rented a house in South-Estonia, there’s going to be about 30 persons at the party. It was written on the invitation to come dressed unpredictably so me, Agne, Kadri and Katrin are going as nurses – sexy nurses ;). We have these dresses that are short as hell and the cleavage couldn’t be any bigger so we’ll see what’ll happen.

Oh an I forgot to wish you all merry Christmas!


X O X O,
Cookie Monster ;)

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