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Siret and Cookie

Yesterday some of Siret’s acquaintances visited her and guess what they brought – Absinthe! It was so hilarious to see them consume it because they didn’t want to drink it straight so they decided to drink it as a slam with Sprite but it was still a bit too strong for some of them (they’re just weak :D:D).

They also brought a water pipe so we smoked a lot of it and played poker and other card games where I cheated a lot cause I had lost far too many times (6):D

Then we made our way to club Illusioon where some of my acquaintances were waiting for me/us. I was wearing my little white dress and due to it I was always in the spotlight – Siret even heard some random men talking about me – when I go to a party or a night club then I dress to impress – that’s the only way I do it! (Yes I know my ego is enormous but hey – that’s me!)

We got tired of Illusioon soon so me, Siret, Mihkel, Vallo and Sergei made our way to club Maasikas – now that’s where the real party was at! When you know the barmen then it’s a very big benefit – you get served before the other clients and you might even get some stuff for free but if you know Mihkel’s credit cards pin code then you get everything for free :D.

It was extremely fun in Maasikas and in total it’s a night to remember!
Thanks to everybody who made it unforgettable!


X O X O,
Cookie Monster ;)

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