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  • 14.02.2010
    We spent the whole day digging and building a “snow city” and of course I had to be the one to make the caves bigger from the inside. Fortunately I didn’t mind – it was fun.
  • 15.02.2010
    My grandparents, my brothers and nephews rock ;) It’s an adventure going to the store with them :D:D
  • 16.02.2010
    Work again, but after work me and Kadri went for a sledge ride – at 1am :D:D It was extremely fun. Even the drunken idiots who were there before us and who harassed us didn’t ruin it for us ;)
  • 18.02.2010
    05112009_boring!!! There was this schooling that me and Merko had to attend and it was MAJOR boring!! I pretty much spent the whole five hours that it lasted minding my own business and there was an “exam” at the end. The lady who organized it was very surprised when I gave her my results and she was like O_o maximum points, very good – you should have seen her face, she was utterly surprised :D:D
  • Gummy-bear-kiss-candy-535414_1280_102420.02.2010
    Back to Otepää! It was Lisandra’s birthday and we gave her a Bambi book, she loved it. There was a little incident between Lisandra and Sten – seemed like Sten was jealous when I spent time with Lisandra and he hit her after what he had a serious chat with his parents and afterwards he said that he’s sorry to Lisandra. I told you – everybody likes me :D:D:D ;)
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