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Freak outIt has come to my hearing that some people were utterly worried after my previous post, but there’s no need – Cookie Monster’s still in one piece and alive (a bit ill-treated but still breathing and functioning as well as possible).

I know I didn’t post anything for a longer period of time so let me fill you in and then you’ll get to know the whole story.

What did I last wrote about – hmm… I think it had something to do with partying (because that’s pretty much all that we do around here) and it was posted in the end of January so I’ll start from the first of February.

  • 1.02.2010
    In the morning I had to work and afterwards I played pool. At home I got a phone call and soon some people came over – as usually it involved cards, vodka and a shitload of repentant words thrown to everyone's faces followed by excuses through flowers.
  • 3.02.2010
    I had the morning off so we did a little “sightseeing” with Eleri and it involved busses. Sounds like a normal day right? WRONG! We were almost at home when I started to feel a bit lighTUNNEL_VISION_by_monwhitheaded, then my hearing started to fade and finally I had “tunnel vision”. I sat on the first chair available and it got a bit better, but when it was our time to get off I lost it all and somehow I managed to make it to the bus stops chair where I sat about 10 minutes just because I wasn’t able to walk. Recovered a little we started to make our way towards our apartment but halfway there it all started again so I had to stop to catch a breath. At home I made some calls just to find out that no one was willing to take my shift for the night so I went to work – where obviously I felt like dying. I knew that Siret had invited some people over so I managed to convince Rebecca to tag along and we hitchhiked to my place to find a discussion about the worlds end and God ahead – we called it epic fail. We spent most of our time smoking water pipe in the kitchen. It wasn’t bad at all until one lousy phone call that ruined it all.
  • 4.02.2010
    At work Kadri wasn’t feeling good at all and I had recovered from my out of the blue fainting so I had to do most of the work, but luckily it was an easy-breezy evening.
  • yourmsn_5450 5.02.2010
    Highlight of the week – the day I got a severe concussion. It started out good – a day off. I had plans to go to Otepää, but since girls wanted to go clubbing I thought why the hell not and I joined them. It was very weird in the club because most of the people were clients from work and everyone was like: Hey Cookie! A VERY weird experience. On the dance floor dudes just wanted to show their moves and at one point one of them just let go of me and I fell hard on the ground. I felt a bit off and went to sit down but I didn’t let it ruin my evening – the party was still on!
  • Spinning 6.02.2010
    I spent the whole day in bed because when I got up the world didn’t stop spinning :S I had to go to Vallo’s birthday party in club Maasikas, but I didn’t since I honestly couldn’t even walk for more then ten meters at once so I think it’s good that I didn’t go – I might have ruined the whole party with my faint-like being.
  • 7.02.2010
    Vallo’s birthday after party at our work. I left rather early due to a severe headache.
  • Breakfast_by_karolinaa 8.02.2010
    I went to breakfast with Serx and Charlie. We had some great ideas for a road trip but it was cancelled because we didn’t have a car that would start due to the cold weather so in the evening it was party time at work again.
  • 10.02.2010
    I took my phone to the service because it hadn’t been working since New Year’s Eve where it fell into a vodka cocktail and was thrown water at it.
  • Headache_by_paradisiac 11.02.2010
    I got my phone back and it works (even number 8)! I finally went to the doctors because of my headaches since I fell in the club, he sent me to EMO (emergency medicine department) where I was told that I have a severe concussion and that I’m lucky that anything didn’t explode in my brain. I was also advised to take the time off because the concussion will let me know that it’s still there for at least a month if not even more. Now I’m popping pills like a junky because if I wouldn’t take them then I’d probably bite someone from the pain.

This is it – this is what I’ve been up to for the past week and a half. Today I had a day off so I’m in Otepää and it’s lovely here – the snow is actually white not brown or yellow like in Tartu!


Take care,

X O X O,
Cookie Monster ;)

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