Party every day ;)

Posted by Cookie Monster | | Posted on 05:30

Hats are IN! ;) We’ve been hitting it good since Monday - going to bed at 7, waking around 10 and going to work. Pretty much a routine now, and not a bad one if I may say ;) It gets my thoughts away from the questions venturing in my mind. Feels like I have the “information overload” disease and I have no idea about the cure…

There has been a lot of different people at our place – some nicer than the others some a lot naughtier then the rest but the parties have generally been nice. Except for the part where someone broke some things, but everything is replaceable so we’ll recover as always and keep up the good work :D

In addition to partying every day I also work every evening. There aren’t very many clients, cause it’s the end of the month and everyone has wasted their money on alcohol :D



Now I have to run to work again, wish me luck ;)

(And yes you’re right – this song’s for you)


X O X O,
Cookie Monster ;)

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